MUD, Mud, mud and more…

The word of the day is MUD, MUD, MUD! We went from Snow Day on Friday to almost 60 degrees today. I am so tired of mud and paws I cannot even begin so I will start in the middle.

Max and Theo would have preferred to stay inside and snuggle. I took one picture, gave them fresh water and got their leashes ready and as you can see by my second and third picture,

Max on floor, Theo on couch

they had not moved an inch but we went for a walk before I relented to their sweet faces and we snuggled afterwards…

Wilma (purple) Button (pink)

Then we avoided the mud-pool here…They have matching purple and pink harnesses on, but it does not help with the mud on their paws and bellies…. lots of towels used today!


And finally, my sweet camera-shy Allie. She was my last walk of the day, and the mist was turning into rain by the end of our adventure. We were racing up the stairs (3rd floor) and she won! Not only the race, but belly rubs, paw wipes which she does not mind, and a marshmallow treat to top it off with!

Tre’ asking for his Marshmallow

Allie has food allergies and is only allowed marshmallows for treats as is my own baby boy, Tre’. Marshmallows are the safest treat for dogs if you are unsure if they can eat something. Read more about that on my Poo tab.