Chasing Chickens?

You would not think of dog walking and chicken chasing at the same time, but it has happened! I am “normally” a dog walker but today I was a chicken chaser.

“loose hen between fence and coop”

One of my clients has chickens along with her canine babies (two Bulldogs and a 14-year-old Pug) which I respectfully call my swim team! I will tell you that story tomorrow! One of the hens had escaped the coop and was loose in the yard.

One Bulldog does NOT like the chickens and will chase them, attack them, and what she hopes is get a chicken dinner. I went into solution mode and tried bribing the hen, herding the hen, chasing the hen, I even tried to grab her and touched the hen (ugh!) but still have not been successful in capturing her.

I am personally intimidated by birds, and especially geese and CHICKENS! My Husband has wanted chickens for over 10 years and I simply refuse. Now I am chasing them! CRAZY. That hen was out for over 2 days, never left the yard, but is a squwampous and squirrely girl!

Neither the client nor I would accept defeat from a “bird”. Our one Bulldog (black and white) intent on getting chicken for dinner pinned the hen this evening (no injuries!) and the hen has joined her friends INSIDE the coop! Whew, all is well with my swim team, that story tomorrow!