I don’t know about water but… Let me introduce the Swim Team!

Button and Wilma

I mentioned last time I posted I would tell you the story behind my “SWIM TEAM” reference to Button, Wilma and Lamb Chop.  It started out as I would leave the house to visit these adorable babies and try to say, in one word, I am off to see….

Lamb Chop

The Bulldogs and the Pug, or my Puglet and Bulldogs.  Never seemed to roll off my tongue very smoothly.  

I did not want to disrespect one breed from the other and only say “Bulldog” or “Pug”.   One day as I tried to say where I was going to my husband he replied, “Oh, off to see your swim team!”

It was perfect!  They have now been affectionately called “my swim team” ever since.  I do have to admit though, I have NO IDEA if they like water or swimming, but it fits them perfectly!  My Rolly Poly swim team!

Oh, and BTW, Button is the chicken chaser! 

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