Body Language

There are times when more than the tail wags and the whole body gets the better of them! At first “Finn” barked a real deep, “Woof!” when I entered and as I ran for the alarm and called his name, I could see his bark turn into a tail wag into a body wag of excitement.

It truly brings a huge smile to my face every time I see it! Once I get the alarm off, I go open to gate for “Finn” and he plows his head through my legs for his loves and rubs like he does every time he sees me. Here’s the thing though, “Finn” is tall! So, when he goes through my legs, I am lifted up on one leg or the other as I ride him through to rub him. He is my funny big guy, for sure.

Tidy Tip- The deep menacing bark “Finn” has doubled with his size can be intimidating. I respect every dog I meet, all sizes, but the larger ones I have learned to come in with an attitude of being the alpha in the pack. You are in charge, no arguments allowed. They will hear it in your voice along with the sweetness and the love you bring them. Remember, you are there to do what most dogs LOVE to do. GO FOR A WALK!! And then to top it off, they get a treat too! Happy tails are sure to follow…