If you are following my blog, yesterday Zoe and I had the “bad” poo experience. (you can read more about that situation in my Bang, Bang, Bang post) Today Emma was home so Zoe and I filled Emma in on what happened; all three of us had a serious conversation before the walk and then decided to go the other direction today! Conflict avoided. We had a spectacular walk, with lots of doggie messages sent and received by both girls. We came home for a paw wipe down and, of course, the most important part of the adventure…. THE TREAT!

Zoe and Emma

Zoe and Emma

Tidy-Tip: Today was a rainy, soggy, muddy day. There will be many days like this with our four-legged friends. A suggestion is to start early and as young as possible with your baby to get them accustomed to you playing, touching, and wiping off their paws or toweling them off.

Try to make it fun and playful so they do not fear it, or resist it; the goal is for them to NOT nip at you during the process. Treats in one hand, towel in the other are a good place to start and then work from there until they are used to it. I suggest doing it every day, even if there is no rain or mud so when you REALLY need it, they think it is just normal routine. I have been successful with 4 out of 5 of my babies with this method. (There is always one, huh?)

Some dogs will even allow you to put booties on them. And then there will be the super heroes of the dog world and they will even walk in them!! I rarely see this, so I had to capture this precious moment.