A very busy week for Otis, my Standard Poodle pup. He lost TWO baby molar teeth in one day,

Two baby molars
He let’s me do this!

he found his reflection for the first time in the fireplace glass and wanted to play with the new puppy,

“Who is that?”
“Oh my goodness, lets play!”

and he was introduced to a loose chicken (different than my Great Chicken Chase the other day with the swim team) on our walk.

Cuddle Time after traumatic chicken incident

Now he is going on vacation with his forever family for a whole week! So, goodbye (sigh) for a week to Otis and all his antics…

Otis, we will miss you.

And then it was Grif’s birthday this week; he turned a YOUNG 14 years old. If you met him you would think he was 3-year old puppy.


He is one of my power walkers and such a “HAPPY BOY” every time I see him. I gave him a special birthday bag with TOY BALLS galore and he is an EXTRA “HAPPY BOY” this week!


Let’s play!

Now he brings me a ball each time I arrive for his walk. What a pleasure to bring such joy!

Thank You!
Many more to give out!

Check out your local (Pets Supplies Plus) location – these are only $1 now! What a deal!