More Ginger Snaps, please!

I recently found out ginger is good for your dog, in moderation of course! Ginger has been used for many years in pets in the treatment of vomiting and cardiovascular disorders.

It may be expanded to the treatment of bloat (GDV) in dogs. The article ( also suggested it may help with gas; which I can add my own personal testimony to – IT IS WORKING!

Tre and Freddy

I don’t usually talk about my own baby, but once I discovered he LOVES Ginger Snaps AND they will help his “poot” issue I was all in. He has been eating Ginger Snaps daily now (he is only allowed three cookies a day).

He gets ½ a cookie in each meal crumbled on top which just so happens to include “Lucky Charms”; the mini-marshmallows. {Yep, he is VERY spoiled}

Then if he is a “good boy” he gets one cookie in the morning and another one at night. His gas has been reduced by half, if not more. I am very pleased and he is a happy tail dog!