Doggy Snow Day

Friday was a surprise to me and the pups; SNOW DAY and PLAY DAY all rolled into one! Charlotte, whom is a Shepherd-Husky mix LOVES snow, and definitely had a blast running at full speed after our walk in her backyard.


She makes me laugh out loud, literally, when she does her ‘zoomies” helter-skelter around me at a full speed run.


Just as some dogs love the snow, others abhor it. Roofus is patiently waiting by the door as Rocko takes full advantage of the snow to get a good frolic in.


Roofus always prefers the snuggles and cuddles over the walk from me any day, anytime. (Remember these are the babies that will “melt” if a rain drop touches them! Read more about R&R in “Meet the Dogs)


Tidy Tip- A word of caution though, as fun as the snow is, our elderly ladies (or gentlemen) may “think” they can do more than they can so I take extra care to watch out for slippery spots. And just plain too much activity on old joints will cause them pain just as much as it does us.

CeCe (14-year-old Schnauzer) tried to convince me she could run in the deepest part of the powder snow today… I suggested we take it a little slower and keep to the shoveled or snowplowed sidewalks. I guarantee she was happier that night!