Poo and happy tails may be the name of my website BUT not necessarily this story. Zoe and I were on our regular walk which is usually full of happy tails and maybe a poo, but today she happened to choose the wrong few blades of grass to poo on.

Zoe had sniffed out the perfect spot, squatted and completed her business. I already had my bag out and ready on my hand, was in the process of bending down to scoop up Zoe’s deposit when the loudest “BANG, BANG, BANG” explosion I have heard without an actual gunshot following came with unintelligible words shouted out. I jumped up; Zoe was startled!

I assumed at this point, because as quickly as it started it stopped, someone was banging on their front window at Zoe and me. Now, why did they wait for me to bend down to pick it up before they started to bang on their window is the question I pose to you. Did they want me to leave it there? I would have thought they would have started yelling when she started doing her business to try to stop it from happening rather than when I started cleaning up after her? Oh well, I continued to pick up Zoe’s #2, tied the knot on the bag, held it up for whomever was watching so they could see it was disposed of properly and Zoe and I continued on with our walk.

I feel a simple conversation would be a better solution to these situations if there are people that absolutely insist on no dogs on their yard. I as a professional dog walker will respect that if I am aware of it. I would prefer to find out about it in a civil manner though. We ended with a treat so I guess we could say the story was “poo and happy tails” after all since Zoe was certainly wagging her tail!