New “DO”!

One of my FAVORITE new babies I have started is Otis.  He is a Standard Poodle.  I have been caring for him since he came to his new FOREVER HOME which is about 2 months or so. 

He WAS a floppy, soft, sweet, follow you everywhere MOP!!!  He has accomplished house training, come, sit, “gentle”, walking on a leash and SO much more.  Just this week (sigh) my sweet poodle got “POODLED”. 

Otis had his first grooming session and they “poodled” him up.  He was SO embarrassed, bless his heart, when I first arrived after “it” happened.  I gave him TONS of encouragement and I told him it would grow back. 

With his new “DO” we went to the back yard, and with his newly groomed and shaved paws I found out quickly Otis does NOT like grass between his toes!!  For the first time in his young life he felt grass.  He was not pleased.  He is such a sweet, precious baby; I miss the MOP!!  


His counter-part is Fluff (outside Kitty).  Fluff has taken it upon himself to bring me “gifts”!  The most exciting one (NOT) is a live chipmunk! 

He has brought me (and Otis) birds and mice often.  Otis ate one mouse, and yes, the entire mouse right in front of me!!  OMG   

Both Fluff and Otis are SUCH characters; they bring a smile to my face every day.