Tidy-Tip: In my last post I had mentioned a secret tip I was going to share with you for getting MOST major mud off your pet’s paws. You will need an area rug (appropriately sized to contain your dog turning in circles), a laser light, and muddy paws.

All the wild weather we have had in the last two weeks has definitely provided the mud element! Some of my crazy characters do not mind getting muddy and wet, so we go through the towel, paw wipe every visit.

I happened upon the laser light game by accident one morning when my baby, Tre came in from our backyard absolutely covered from nose to tail with mud splatter; from the tips of his nails to his knees caked in mud globs…I am guessing he had slid into home base a few times. It was dark, he is black so I did not notice until he was already in the house.

Freddy, my kitty, and I had just finished playing our laser light chase game, and I had the laser light in my hand. Tre loves the light as much as Freddy does, so I flashed it down on the area rug I have right inside the back, kitchen door… Tre started chasing it, and the mud started falling off, onto the carpet! I continued, Tre continued chasing and spinning and within 3-5 minutes I had a much cleaner dog without the major fight of cleaning his paws. All that was left was a quick vacuum, and the job was complete. Whew, catastrophe avoided!

This secret has saved me so many days of wet, muddy towels and all the grief and drama as I wrestle with Tre and his phobia of “paw-touching”. It is truly fun for everyone! There are some of my babies though, that no matter how much I try to convince them we will have a fun-tastic walk, they try to persuade me every day that playing inside is a much better choice. I have to admit, I usually relent with these precious eyes, and we walk for most of my visit, and play the last few minutes. Again, it’s fun for everyone in the end!