Treats in Threes

Snow, sleet, ice, rain… We had it all today! All in the day of a dog walker. Most of my babies were just happy to see me, get out and take care of their “business” and then get down to the seriousBUSINESS” of cuddles, snuggles, loves, playtime and in some visits a surprise in their treat.

Occasionally a client will ask me to give their pet a pill. This can be a tricky task, especially if their dog is a picky eater, sneaky, or has been through the routine too many times and has begun to outsmart me.

Tidy-Tip: I always administer my pill in treats of threes. Your choice of what the treat is, peanut-butter, soft-chew treat, pill-pocket, cheese, lunch meat… You get the idea, whatever your sweet furry friend will eat is what I would use. You may have to mix it up to give your baby variety if the pill is a long-term prescription.

So, back to treats in threes. I have them all lined up. The first treat is clean, no pill. The second one has the pill hidden inside. The third treat is again, clean, no pill. I give the first treat and let them enjoy it. I then have the second and third treats ready to go.

I give the second treat with the pill and have the third treat almost in their mouth as they are eating the second treat so they are reaching for the third treat as they swallow the second treat with the pill in it. I pull the third treat back just a bit to make sure they fully swallow the second treat with the pill, then give them the third treat immediately with a TON of praise. Treats in Threes! This method usually works for me. Contact me with what has worked for you! I would love to hear your ideas.