Rain, rain and more rain…

wet tail wagging

Wacky Weather! We went from pouring rain and I mean, POURING DOWN RAIN and mud puddles deep enough for swimming and almost 70-degrees to 24 hours later we were dealing with single digit windchill temps and FROZEN MUD (my favorite kind!).

caught in mid-stride full speed run!

Some of my babies do not mind the rain and mud at all, as long as I will through his ball for him, he is a happy camper. I, on the other hand, am not a happy dog walker when I have to dry off all the paws and wet fur…

Tidy-Tip: Coats may be the answer for YOU and your furry friend. I was never a big fan of coats, until I became a professional dog walker. Now that I am responsible for drying off and the comfort of more than just my own dog, coats have been a life saver in my life.

They not only keep your baby warm, if they are short-haired and sensitive to the cold temperatures, but they keep them a bit dryer! Especially their bellies which pick up all the water from the streets and grass and…EVERYTHING!

Not all my clients have coats available to use, so in this case, it was the towel, which this guy just happens to LOVE almost as much as the ball play. A second tip for their muddy paws is a laser light and a rug… more on that tip tomorrow.