Winnie the Pooh

After all the rain on Thursday, Cally and I finally had a chance to really get out for our walk… What a surprise for us when she found a Winnie the Pooh bear for amusement.

She may be a Rottweiler, but as most Rottys are, she is just a big sweet baby, and was so pleased with herself.

I convinced her we should leave it where we found it, in case whomever lost it came back for it. She obliged my wishes and we moved on to the next new and exciting smell.

Tidy-Tip: You may notice in the pictures I have two leashes on Cally. She is a big girl, and very strong. When she decides she wants to go somewhere she just goes. I have the gentle leader on her (harness on the nose) because she responds extremely well to it (and most dogs do) with just a very gentle tug I have her going any direction I desire.

BUT I have the heavy pinch collar on as a back-up because Cally has pulled a trick on me and pulled out of her gentle leader and been free!! Oh my, that was a heart stopping moment in my life as a dog walker. A loose dog, and not only a loose dog, but a loose Rottweiler chasing after a jogger!

AGH!!! I called Cally back that day, and she came (because we have built a trust/respect relationship) and I grabbed her leather collar and just held her as the jogger left the scene. Just to say, Cally and I had a VERY LONG heart to heart conversation that day. Whew! It was from that day on I started double leashing her for safety. Her safety, other’s safety and my peace of mind!